Joined under One Umbrella

The umbrella association for Austrian Private Lodgings


With approximately 41,000 private lodgings in Austria this association totals approximately 21 Million nights stay annually. These numbers clearly show the private lodgings to be an important pillar of Austrian tourism.

In the past 20 years of service there have been important changes within the association's structure and of private lodging offers. Apart from the typical bed and breakfast offers, there has been an increase in holiday apartments and holiday flats, which offer high living standards to please all guests during their stay in this beautiful country. This is partly due to the professionalism displayed by the landlords and their drive to offer exceptional service and exemplary offers. In addition, there is more progression evident within the association. The general presentation of private landlords and their lodgings are even more professional, creative, and flexible than they have ever been. The shared plattform that allows each individual accommodation to stand out due to its special features suited to guests' individual wishes, shows great confidence and team work. We are working together as an umbrella association as a future orientated and strong private lodging association.


Video including details regarding  the Private Lodging Associatrion Austria (German)

Aims of our Association

The strong foundations of our association allow us to represent the interests of members offering guests private lodgings. Well organised and well-advised members are of the utmost importance to our association and are the pillars of the success of Austrian tourism.

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