Austria – A Way of Life


Austria offers spectacular destinations suited to varying holiday expectations. This country is very diverse in many regards, and especially considering the many different holiday regions. Some regions are situated in the majestic Alps, some in the Danube valley, and others in the Pannonian planes, offering completely diverse landscapes. There are many exciting areas to explore, but the vibrant cities and towns are just as alluring as many are steeped in history and culture with long traditions of agricultural farming, wine cultivation, and towns built due to mining in the past.


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Austria – 9 States – 94 Holiday Regions

Holidays in Austria offer memorable experiences in unique locations. Guests here can let go and relax while embracing the spectacular natural landscapes or cultural gems. Austrian holidays welcome visitors into a different way of life where the land and the culture leave a lasting impression. 


Here is an overview of all Austrian states:


Burgenland Carinthia Lower Austria
Upper Austria Salzburg Styria
Tyrol Vorarlberg Vienna