Top-Quality Lodging in Austria

We value the highest living standards for guests, and want to ensure every guest feels comfortable in their home away from home.


Members of our association of Private Lodgers are all subject to a detailed quality inspection. Each accommodation receives an award according to their quality standard, which is conducted by the state association. Members are obligated to fulfil minimum requirements in quality and comfort and are then rated according to our rating system with 2,3, 4, or 5 symbols, which vary between states as a Edelweiss, Sun, or Crystal symbols.


2 Symbols
Accommodations awarded with 2 symbols offer guests rooms with a shower and WC and holiday apartments with simple furnishings and basic comfort. 


3 Symbols
These private lodgings offer guests comfortable rooms and apartments with homely characteristics and a comfortable atmosphere. The tasteful furnishings of higher quality materials add to the comfort and create the welcoming ambience, which is important for this distinction.


4 Symbols
This distinctios only awarded to first-class private lodgings.These accommodations offer very comfortable, tasteful, and high-quality amenities and furnishings and are always bright, welcoming, and well-decorated to ensure a special flair and high living standards. The interiors include high-end furniture and well-maintained flooring, which is alwn iays in fantastic condition. The standard amenities include wireless internet access, a dish washer, and a vanity mirror.


5 Symbols

This distinction is only awarded our most exclusive private lodgings with luxurious amenities and fittings, newly built or recently updated accommodation with modern features and first-class furnishings, as well as spacious room and apartment size. These exclusive private lodging accommodations include cable- or satellite TV in each room, private bathrooms, and glass partitions in the showers. In addition to the first-class accommodation, your hosts have impressed with their genuine hospitality and welcoming atmosphere at their home. Credit cards are also accepted.

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