Carinthia - A Celebration of Life and Nature.


With seemingly endless numbers of picturesque lakes with crystal-clear waters of drinking-water-quality to explore, with majestic mountains reaching 3,000m above sea-level all the way to the rolling Nocken mountains allowing spectacular views of the stunning and unique landscape to everybody – this is the true beauty of Carinthia, a state that shares so much versatility and raw natural beauty. Enjoy the many natural and cultural facets of the Alpe-Adria region, which connects three countries, is renowned for its mild climate, and is sweetened by the wonderful people who welcome guests with a warm and especially friendly manner, as well as entices guests with the infectiously positive mentality and true zest for life.


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One of the most exciting adventures can be enjoyed while hiking along the Alpe-Adria trail. The renowned multi-stage trail starts at the highest mountain in Austria, the mighty Grossglockner mountain, leads past stunning landscapes, along rivers, creeks, gushing waterfalls, as you travel southwards all the way to the sea. Hike right across Carinthia, which in itself is stunning, and then continue on to Slovenia, a gem of nature and all the way to Bella Italia, and maybe even stop along the way at one of the turquoise-shimmering swimming lakes where you can implement the "ease of life" mentality just like the locals do. As you discover new landscapes and a change of scenery, you also discover a change in culture and new food and drinks. There is nothing more exciting after an adventurous hike than sitting down to a meal together with new friends made along the way and truly getting to know the country, the traditions, the lifestyle, and the people. Indulge in delicious traditional dishes while relaxing on a sunny terrace with memorable views of lakes and mountains prepared with fresh, regional produce. Make it a true experience that widens your horizon, not just simply another meal.


The atmosphere created by the natural light that shines on the beautiful landscapes of Carinthia is reminiscent of Venice coupled with the unmistakeable influence of three strong individual cultures have inspired great artists for centuries. Culture still is a very relevant aspect of life here, as not only tradition, but modern culture flourishes here. Visit some of the many renowned culture festivals such as the Carinthian Summer, German literature events, and historical as well as modern art in museums of the region. Music appears even more beautiful in this inspirational countryside. With melodies resounding, choirs singing, jazz inspiring, the true love for life is always celebrated during the summer months in Carinthia. All theatre enthusiasts can enjoy performances by the Carinthian theatre groups such as the Stadttheater Klagenfurt, at the neuenbühnevillach, as well as further spectacular plays at the Friesacher Burghofspielen, in the Albecker Schlosstheater or the comedies of the Komödienspielen Porcia in Spittal an der Drau.

Carinthia – a celebration of life and nature. While the warm months of the year focus on the green landscapes, our winters are dressed in white. Enjoy the sunshine while carving down the ski slopes with freshly fallen snow, marvel at the beautiful snow-covered landscape while exploring on snow-shoe hikes, or glide along the ice on the frozen lakes while ice-skating. With more than 1,000 km of alpine slopes and 32 ski resorts, there is a lot of fun to be had for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The slopes are suited to everyone, at all levels of ability, as they range from difficult black slopes, World-Cup runs, terrain parks for freestylers, mogul runs, to gentle beginner and family slopes for some fun in the snow. Another highlight during winter here is cross-country skiing. Carinthia boasts a well-maintained cross-country ski track network which can be found in the valley and at elevated levels ensuring a snow-guarantee. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine while gliding along the tracks in the skating or classical style of skiing. Winter is a true delight, and with more than 2,000 hours of sunshine throughout the year and snow-guarantee, there is nothing stopping your winter holiday bliss. The Nature Active Park Carinthia is the perfect place for all active-holiday makers. No matter what the season, this park encourages you to get your muscles moving while hiking, biking, golfing, or running. While you are ensuring healthy exercise out in the fresh alpine air, you can marvel at the stunning natural setting.

Welcome to beautiful Carinthia. Simply let go and relax, explore the many facets of this versatile region and expand your horizon beyond what you thought was possible.


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