Austria – A Way of Life


Austria offers spectacular destinations suited to varying holiday expectations. This country is very diverse in many regards, and especially considering the many different holiday regions. Some regions are situated in the majestic Alps, some in the Danube valley, and others in the Pannonian planes, offering completely diverse landscapes. There are many exciting areas to explore, but the vibrant cities and towns are just as alluring as many are steeped in history and culture with long traditions of agricultural farming, wine cultivation, and towns built due to mining in the past.


Past empires and historical developments offer a country rich in cultural history. Visitors from across the globe enjoy the interesting cultural heritage of historical empires in Austria. Explore the many castles, fortresses, and monasteries all across the country. The timeless beauty of the stunning buildings of the Habsburg emperors always enchant visitors of Vienna. Not only past empires allowed Austria to thrive with culture, today you may encounter a DJ on a monastery terrace, an opera performance in front of a dramatic natural backdrop, or modern outdoor-seating to enjoy between museum visits. Here in Austria culture is a part of everyday life and guests encounter culture every step of the way, just like a beautiful melody. The enchanting music that has graced Austria will always be of importance, with glorious composers such as Mozart, Strauss, and Beethoven securing this country a place in history. The rich musical and cultural history of Austria is alive and well today with a more modern take of celebrating music and culture through exciting festivals spread across the country.


The way of life enjoyed here in Austria is considered another form of culture that always delights visitors. Enjoy some relaxation in a traditional coffee house, with more than ten coffee specialities on the menu, or delicious meals at exquisite restaurants of the highest standards. Another highlight of Austrian culture can be enjoyed in the beautiful wine regions. The highest standards of wine make all tasting tours a fabulous highlight with wine ranging from peppery "Grüner Veltliner" to full-bodied "Blaufränkisch" wines. In Austria, the locals seek pleasure and enjoyment, which has led to a unique and exquisite culinary finesse to be enjoyed by Austrians and visitors alike.


The legendary relaxed style of Austrians, the renowned "Gemütlichkeit" is something that may be hard to explain but easy to understand as soon as you get to enjoy some time in rustic alpine huts, in wine taverns, and in traditional inns, called a "Gasthaus".

Austria has so much to offer and the people that live here can surely be considered to be one of the main attractions. In Austria, visitors can enjoy majestic alpine landscapes, crystal-clear lakes, delicious meals, thrilling live performances, yet without the welcoming atmosphere and delightful care from the local hosts to top everything off, it just simply wouldn't be the real Austrian experience. This country has proudly welcomed international guests for centuries with the same genuine hospitality they are still very proud of today. Visitors in Austria can immerse themselves in the spectacular offerings which are always sweetened by the fact that the local people sharing their experience with you are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. The locals always can let their guests in on the most special features of their region to ensure a spectacular holiday adventure, no matter if you are looking for the most beautiful natural features, delicious traditional meals, lively bars, well-deserved relaxation, or unique culture.


Austrian hosts are known to love their jobs because nothing is more important to them than ensuring a memorable holiday experience. All guests are approached in a welcoming, accommodating manor, a true way of life in Austria, which is surely the reason for so many guests to return time and time again to be welcomed bytheir friendly Austrian hosts.


Many holiday makers look forward to the delightful encounters with charismatic locals here in Austria. You may meet a talkative farmer at the Alm, the traditional alpine hut where farmers take their cattle during summer, and he may even let you in on some of the secrets of living in the mountains and possibly even advises you of the best places to find delicious mushrooms or berries in the forest. While attending a ski course, the ski teacher is not only going to teach you the basics or improve your skills, he probably will lighten the mood with some humour or stories from past winter seasons and even take you to the most fun après ski bars in town. And one thing can be ensured, your hosts at the private lodging are always happy to provide you with as much local knowledge as you please to sweeten your holiday experience in this welcoming country.


Holidays in Austria allow guests to feel welcome and truly take time to relax and unwind. Find all you desire in Austria, a country of so many facets, and in turn, maybe even find something within yourself previously undiscovered. No matter if you prefer the warm weather or the snow, the mountains and their quaint villages or the cities and the rich culture, spectacular sights can be enjoyed and memories made, while the people you met along the way may stay with you forever. This is the true beauty of a holiday here, which allows each visitor to leave with a small piece of Austria inside of them. The culture, the ease, the welcoming aspects of Austria are the reason why most of our guests return, allowing everybody to fall straight back into the effortless lifestyle of pleasure we enjoy here in Austria.

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